How a fresnel optic could used


The lens type named after the French physicist Augustin Jean Fresnel.

Since lenses primarily process the curvature of the interface in relation to the surrounding medium, in Fresnel lenses, the lens body is divided into ring segments, and any volume material that does not contribute to actual curvature is removed. The thickness of the lens is thus reduced, significantly diminishing volume and overall height, as well as weight, in proportion to the original complete lens.

Beam guidance of Fresnel optics

Fresnel lenses are used for lighting, as concentrators in photovoltaic technology and as imaging lenses. In order to achieve optimal results, the profile of the lens has to be matched to the requirements of the intended application. IMOS offers lenses specially aligned with the lighting.

IMOS Fresnel lenses address specific technical requirements
Two men carry a huge fresnel optic

From ideation to finished optics

using synthetics, all elements of your project design are catered to by IMOS. Because of all the various procedures for optics design available to IMOS, your project is optimized in terms of function as well as cost-effectiveness.

IMOS designs and computes Fresnel lenses in accordance with your specifications
Fresnel simulation

IMOS can develop and propose various solutions for your Fresnel project because the IMOS physicists have access to modern mathematical calculation processes and simulation options. And naturally, the many years of experience of our plastic molders are also leveraged as early on as during the development process.


This is how your desired optics are optimized even during planning and right through to the precision injection molding stage, and can fulfil stringent quality and economic feasibility requirements.

IMOS Fresnel tools are carefully tested using various measurement methods
Fresnel Tool

Before deploying the Fresnel tools in plastic injection molding production, the structures undergo testing at various measurement points.
Customized measurement procedures have to be developed, to an extent, for the diverse microstructure variants that IMOS manufactures. IMOS continuously invests in research and development in this area.


In conjunction with highly qualified partners in science and industry, IMOS develops new procedures for quality assurance by way of metrological innovations.

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