Sample usage of a glass reflector

The IMOS glass reflector portfolio is versatile

There are a large number of applications for reflectors, where glass, due to its hardness or its temperature resistance, is preferred as a material over synthetics.


IMOS supplies glass reflectors as individual triplet or triplet arrays.


Some IMOS glass reflectors can be sterilized; others can be used in steel works or in the vicinity of furnaces. There are also models that are manufactured for use in vacuums.

IMOS fire glass reflectors for reflection sensors in the heat of metal works

fireglass reflectors in charcoal

If it gets very hot, use IMOS fire glass reflectors wherever electronics are not feasible.


Very high temperatures are generated when processing steel and aluminum. Electronic sensors are endangered by heat radiation in such instances. This is when IMOS glass reflectors made from borosilicate glass are of assistance. They can be used in temperatures of up to 500 °C, depending upon execution. There are open and closed IMOS fire glass reflectors. The closed systems are preferred when additional impact is exerted by dust or fluids.

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