Injection molding procedure

IMOS precision injection molding ensures the manufacture of reliable micro optics

Specialists from the Optics, Mold Design & Construction, and Injection Molding divisions are consulted as early as during the planning and development stages of new projects. This is because precision plastic injection molding of optics components requires the many years of experience and specialist knowledge of the IMOS employees.


The plastic injection molding itself is carried out on state-of-the-art machinery, which is specially equipped for the manufacture of high-quality optics. Sensitive products that require a particularly clean and conditioned environment during manufacture, are manufactured in the separate facilities earmarked for them.


This results in optics of the best IMOS quality.

2 Injection molding components

Assembly group with a sealing gasket

At IMOS, the new optical sensors are getting smaller and smaller. The housing containing lenses for both the sender and receiver, filters, or target optics with DOE constitutes a closed modular component into which the customer only has to integrate their electronics. To this end, elements – such as filigree gaskets – are integrated in the 2K plastic injection molding.

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