Laser reflex film

IMOS Chess laser reflective film – Checkmate polarization!

IMOS Chess optic film usage

IMOS Chess is the ideal reflective film for the laser scanning of large surfaces. It can be seamlessly scanned with all reflective light barriers. It is especially well suited to laser systems and polarizing filter systems.


IMOS Chess films are supplied as stamping parts, offcuts, and finished large panels for machine monitoring and orientation surfaces for robotic vehicles.


While IMOS Microcube reflectors and the IMOS IRF6000 reflective film work in any direction, the direction of polarization must be taken into account when using IMOS Chess. Can also be supplied with applied codes

IMOS Silk laser reflective film for small surfaces

IMOS Silk laser reflex film

IMOS Silk is a reflective film for the laser scanning of small surfaces. It is suitable for polarizing filter systems.


Through the application of coarse micro pyramids, a good reflective value is achieved specific to small surfaces. Silk film is supplied as stamping parts and offcuts up to approx. 230 mm in length.


When handling the film, its polarization direction is to be taken into account, as it does not bear a structure that is visible to the naked eye. Stamping parts and offcuts can be supplied with position markings ready for assembly.

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