Lichtverteilfolie Beispiel

IMOS light distribution film

The IMOS light distribution film helps to distribute LED light or light from a cold-light source.

To distribute the light emitted from the light source, an interplay is needed between light path and structure. The non-collimated light that is emitted requires a certain path in order to be able to meet the IMOS light distribution film with sufficient divergence.

When penetrating the IMOS light distribution film, the light paths are changed by means of various micro lens surfaces, as well as additive light scattering bodies.

The optical impression of a flat distribution is thus achieved for the observer.

Frontal macro photographs of the most diverse configurations of up to 4 color LEDs

IMOS light diffuser film in different colors

Varying the distance between the LED and the IMOS light distribution film results in the most diverse optical effects of light distribution.

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