Usage of an interferometer

Measuring technology

IMOS physicists use the most modern measuring technology to test optics.


Both in terms of development as well as production, IMOS has instituted permanent measuring workstations for continuous control. These draw upon computer-assisted measuring devices to capture quality data relating to the optics, such as focal length (EFL) and modulation transfer (MTF). Similarly, tactile surface measurements are carried out using high-precision contact stylus instruments in order to monitor the geometries and contours even in the µ–area.


Programmable beveled mirrors are available for IMOS diffractive and simulation optics; these use hundreds of individual laser mirrors to aggregate the light pixels in a single image and, at the same time, serve to measure light distribution.


Of course, IMOS also carries out measurements using measurement resources provided by customers. Our customers thus receive the IMOS optics that are guaranteed to be aligned with their application.

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