Sample retroreflectors with various types of mounting

IMOS manufactures reflectors in a variety of mounting styles

Reflector with screw fixture

For reflectors, IMOS offers a variety of mounting options, suitable for every possible application. You can choose between brackets, screws, rivets, and reflectors that already come with a self-adhesive strip. Of course, as a manufacturer, we can also cater to your individual specifications. Feel free to tell us what you need.

Reflectors with rivets
Reflector with rivet fixture

IMOS reflectors with a rivet are perfect for quick assembly.

Almost all types of IMOS reflectors can also be supplied with a rivet. Rectangular formats are equipped with multiple rivets.

The advantage accruing to the mechanical engineer: Simply snap the rivet reflector into the predrilled holes. All done!

Reflectors with a screw-fastening
Two Retroreflectors with screw fixture

The various IMOS triplet structures can be fabricated using a rear screw from a diameter in excess of just 10 mm. In rectangular reflectors, there is another useful antirotation device located at the rear adjacent to the screw. Generally, M3 to M5 screws are used.

Self-adhesive reflector
Self-adhesive reflectors

High adhesion despite low material thickness sets IMOS adhesive tape apart.

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