Keeping an eye on the earth

Keeping an eye  on the earth with  IMOS precision optics

Keeping an eye on the earth with IMOS precision optics

[08.02.2021] [photo credit: DLR © NASA] 

The German astronaut Alexander Gerst with the DESIS on the ISS space station. IMOS optics are installed here in the hyperspectral system.


Visual observation of the earth from space is becoming increasingly important for the preservation of our environment. In addition to the electronics, the optical components are of essential importance to the instruments being used. Reliable functionality is only possible with the highest optical precision.


This is where IMOS precision optics come to the fore. IMOS supplied the optics for the LED-based on-board calibration unit for the hyperspectral earth observation unit DESIS, which is currently aboard the ISS. The unit is used for spectral and adiometric calibration on the ISS itself. IMOS optics enable ideal calibration conditions through collimated beams.


DESIS on the ISS 

The ISS is an international space station. It circles our planet once every 90 minutes. Its aim: To provide data to support scientific, humanitarian and economic goals.  


This data is then collected, among other things, using the hyperspectral earth observation instrument, the DESIS. 235 closely spaced spectral channels record all image data of chang­es in the environment. Thus, the health of our ecosystem is constantly being monitored.  


Image data from the visual to the infrared spectral range is record­ed, i.e. from between 400 and 1000 nanometres. 

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