Motion and Infrared Optics

optics for use in motion and heat detectors: ir-optics

For use in motion and heat detectors

IR optics

[20.11.2019] IMOS motion and infrared optics have been specially optimised to significantly increase the detection range of motion detectors. Even varying room levels can be scanned for body heat. A special plastic provides the necessary infrared transparency, while the design of the lens arrays optimises detection.


Multi-Fresnel Lens Structure

The plastic appears white, but is in fact transparent to infrared radiation. Segmented lens arrays have significantly increased the detection range.


Not motion but heat 

A passive motion detector does not respond to the motion itself. Changes in temperature in the detection area are perceived as motion.


Detection range

The IMOS-Fresnel lens directs the bundled infrared radiation to the sensor. Thus, the temperature change in the detection area is detected.

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