The revolution in polarisation sensor technology

IMOS Lasercubes - Präzisionsoptiken für die Lasertechnik

IMOS Lasercube reflectors – worldwide unique

comparison: lasercube and standard reflector


In industry, many sensors work with laser lights. In this way, information about the smallest of objects, e.g. ultra-fine yarns, or distances, can be precisely detected and transmitted. The finer the laser beam, the smaller the triples of a reflector must be. However, previously used technology had reached its production limits when it came to reducing the size of the triples. As a result, the fineness of the laser beam was also limited.
Therefore IMOS Gubela GmbH has developed a production series that is unique in the world and which makes completely new advances in polarisation sensor technology: IMOS Lasercubes.This is because it enables high-precision scanning with the finest laser beams, free of interference.

Ultra-fine detection even with the smallest beam diameters
Due to their size and fineness – even with the smallest of laser beam – a large number of the Lasercube triples are located in the beam diameter. Fluctuations in signal evaluation and signal response are reduced to a minimum. When the beam wanders over the surface of the IMOS Lasercube – caused, for example, by machine vibrations – a constant signal will still be returned, thus preventing the unintentional triggering of switching procedures. The resulting running safety increases efficiency considerably.  

Optimal for polarising filter light barriers
The structure of the new IMOS Lasercube reflectors provides a polarisation-rotated signal in any desired position, thus enabling reliable detection of transparent media such as glass bottles or vapours. This means that round reflector models can also be used without any issues.
Another advantage: thanks to plastic injection moulding technology, IMOS Lasercubes are available at a very favourable price.

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