UV Microcubes

Retroreflector optic

Special reflectors for the UV wavelength range

[20.11.2019] To avoid disturbances caused by stray light or to reliably detect transparent, dark or shiny objects, UV light barriers are used. Decisive for a high level of the reflected light coming from a UV retroreflector is the quality of the prism structures, the material and the length of the path which the UV light passes through the plastic. The shorter the path, the lower the UV absorption. That’s why you use IMOS UV Microcubes.



IMOS UV  Microcubes (Patent-pending) are used in UV light barriers, for example in filling systems, for crystal clear recognition.


Reflection values

Due to their special property of also reflecting light with low wavelengths particularly well, the IMOS UV Microcubes achieve fantastic values. Here, the rule applies: the less plastic that has to be penetrated, the better the results. That’s the reason why IMOS UV Microcubes are the best choice.

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