Novità dell’azienda IMOS


Only 3 µm between theory and practice

IMOS double lens with two different focal lengths

[05.12.2016] Every day IMOS examines new topics all around the feasibility of ideas for optics featuring as minute deviations as possible from theoretical calculations.


The example of a new IMOS double lens ...

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IMOS in the Top 10 of the EU and Land funding

IMOS company building

[02.06.2016] Throughout Baden-Württemberg only 10 companies have successfully passed the qualification procedure of the sixth selection round for the funding programme “Top company in the country! Technology leader for Baden-Württemberg“. IMOS managed to rank among these Top 10 ...

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IMOS expands glass optics production

IMOS glass reflector round

Synthetics have their limitations in clean rooms and vacuum zones. This is why IMOS glass optics are successfully deployed here.


A large percentage of these optics are manufactured from special borosilicate glass. This material also exhibits properties that are ideal for contact with aggressive cleaning agents and it is, therefore, suitable for use in pharmaceutics and chemistry. Deployment at high temperatures of up to almost 500 °C is possible.

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