Example of an assembly group

Precision & miniaturization with optical modular components

IMOS designs and manufactures complete optical modular components in-house. Complex micro optics are matched perfectly with holders and housings, and stable modular components are joined together.


The advantage accruing to our customers: Carrying out optics design, lens manufacturing, and micro assembly under one roof makes it possible to minimize manufacturing tolerances. The optical performance is significantly increased. The costs are reduced. And the complete optical system can be built and miniaturized in a very compact manner.


Through IMOS’s use of the most modern measuring techniques, the customer ultimately receives reliable optical systems with a short lead time and risk minimization.

Optics production line for modules
A production line for modules while assembling.

Here, you can see a fully automated IMOS optics assembly line for sensor and camera modules. The advantage accruing to the customer: They do not need to purchase and put together lenses, windows, filters and housing, instead receiving everything preassembled and fully packaged from IMOS. All that is left to do is for the customer to add his electronics: That’s it!


Reliable supply from a single source ensures quality and helps our customers to save on costs.

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