Various optics made of synthetic material

As a optics producer IMOS now designs and fabricates its high-quality optics using synthetic material

IMOS develops high-quality optics with optimal synthetic materials for you, perfectly aligned with the requirements of precision injection molding and with your desired usage.

Thus, you will find optical synthetic structures in our portfolio, such as high-performance LED optics, lenses for your sensors, diffractive optics for camera technology, or light distribution structures for homogenous light distribution. We also develop customer-specific optical modular components.

All core competencies specific to optics, from product development by IMOS physicists, through computer simulations, tool making, prototype manufacturing, right through to serial production are brought under one roof in our company and are available to you upon inquiry.

Avail of our services for your project:



Various software simulations are carried out ahead of time by IMOS to design and test the task in order to achieve optimal efficiency.


You can also avail of individual services within the procedures listed above.

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