Sample of a big lens made out of silicone

Diamond turned optics (DTO)

Prototype manufacturing (DTO procedure)

High-speed optics delivered to reliable IMOS quality standards.


Within the parameters of a development process, it is often desirable to test an optical design against a concrete object, or only a small batch of a specific lens is needed. Here, the ideal solution is the manufacture of a prototype or of the required small batch without the roundabout approach associated with a tool and the associated costs. The necessary lenses can be turned directly by IMOS on an ultra-precision turning machine. The surfaces of the parts made in this way have the highest optical quality. Neither manual nor machine-based repolishing is necessary, making it possible to achieve extremely high dimensional accuracy. The ultra-precision turning machine is equipped with highly accurate measurement and regulation technology. Sometimes over the course of several hundred operational steps, the tool removes, layer by layer, the superfluous material from the hardest substance, diamond, until finally the finished optical element can be taken off the spindle and shipped directly to the customer.




Possible synthetic material for DTO:
PMMA, PC, Zeonex and others.


Possible DTO sizes:
from 0.5 mm to approx. 300 mm diameter/ length.

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