Sample Reflectors (Paraboloid)

IMOS paraboloid optics

IMOS paraboloid optics are conceptualized both for technical products in which light is received, as well as for the targeted emission of light. The optimal routing of the rays is effected by means of the perfectly reflecting mirror surface on the inside of the optics. Depending on the application, the IMOS designers additionally equip this with a variety of concave lens surfaces.


IMOS parabolic mirrors that receive light, are needed, for instance, for smoke detectors. The perpendicularly incident light rays of the transmitter are reflected on the inner walls of the mirror in such a manner that they converge upon a focal point. In this way, it is ensured that the recipient receives the desired signal.


Parabolic optics can also be used to collimate the light emitted from a light source. In contrast to a lens, here the outer rays rather than the central rays are collimated. These IMOS optics are used, for instance, for high-performance LED lighting.

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