Close up of an IMOS reflex film

IMOS retroreflective film, type IRF 6000

IRF 6000 various sizes

The IRF 6000 is a reflective film with universal applications in sensor technology.


This IMOS reflective film is a prismatic, high-performance reflective film with micro triplets. The film is nonspecular, and the optical triplets are protected by a welding grid. It has virtually absolute reflective properties, and there is no loss of light due to mirror coatings, which would absorb a significant amount of light. The film is therefore very well suited to all polarizing filter systems and also works reliably over large distances.


The IRF 6000 is:

available in white and many colors, suitable for normal light and polarizing filter systems, weather-resistant, self-adhesive, available as offcuts, sheets, or rolls in numerous sizes, and can also be supplied individually printed and coded.

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