Usage of the IMOS triheater in cooled environments

IMOS Triheater

IMOS Triheater

Heated anti-fog reflector


Reflectors that do not fog up with moisture are needed in breweries, cold storage facilities, or large garages. Condensate on the surface of the reflector would impair the function of the light barrier. By heating the reflector, an interference-free, central reflective surface of approx. 50% is achieved.


The Triheater 1503 is programmable for two different ambient air temperatures. The desired temperature level is simply established at the cabling in the connection plug. The user can therefore also not change the temperature setting unintentionally when replacing the Triheater. The Triheater is operated with direct current, 24 volts, 4.8 watts, approx. 200 milliamps.


IMOS panel reflectors can also be heated.

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