2 different illuminated trumpet lenses

IMOS "trumpet" lenses

A Trumpet lenses of our assortment (Madrid)

The optimal LED illumination optics with 500x more intensity.


Light is like money. You can only expend it once. Once it is scattered, it is lost. But if you guide light in a targeted fashion, it exerts its superb effect. This is exactly how IMOS trumpet lenses work.


The principle behind this IMOS lens type is based upon total internal reflection (TIR). The benefits of light harvesting and precise light routing of a lens are combined with those of a reflector. The light trumpet shown above is then also provided with a sinusoidal structure for uniform light distribution.


The result is a highly effective LED ancillary lens, which, unlike conventional lenses, focuses and collimates an exceptional quantum of source light. The light intensity is considerably increased – a simple light source becomes a power light.


Thus, IMOS trumpet lenses are perfectly suitable for combining with power LEDs and are, for example, used as surgical lights, in addition to being successfully used in high-power headlights.

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