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of optical components

Our experienced physicists and optics designers develop your individual project together with our tool design and construction team.
Find the appropriate optics solution for you and guide you step by step to your appropriate component.

Best results

Analysing flashes of light from space. That is possible with the optical components specially developed by us.

The innovative power
for your optics project

We support you in your project with the appropriate optical components or develop the perfect individual component for you.
Start your project with us as well!

Successful with IMOS

The young researcher Tobias Gerbracht has been successful with his project with "Jugend forscht" (young researchers) with the optical components made available by us.

Effective solutions –
from a single source!

Our physicists and specialists design the appropriate components and tools for your design to ensure the success of your project. On request, we produce your optics directly in small series or as volume production.

Design & Construction

We design your individual optics and produce the appropriate tools for successful volume production.


Among the Top 10 companies
in Baden-Württemberg

Through the support scheme “The best in the state! Technology leaders for Baden-Württemberg”, in 2016 we were accepted onto the Rural Development Programme (RDP) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Your manufacturer

Optical components are designed, developed and produced in our private institute especially for your application.

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Front view from IMOS office building
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