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Large range,
many functions

Red laser beam scans white reflective foil

Reflective foils
for sensor systems

Red illuminant body half covered with diffuser foil

Diffuser foils

Two transparent foils make a black surface on top of each other

Polarisation foils

Exact fit

Are you looking for a suitable technical foil? We will supply you with the perfect solution!

Board with light reflective foil on dark background


Filter foils; diffusion foils; damping foils; light scattering, distribution and absorption foils

Barrier bollard illuminated at night

Road reflection foils

Traffic foils (I,II,III); contour foils; glass microsphere foils

Film assortment: different sizes, structures, colors and cuts

Processing foils

Rolls; self-adhesive with removal aid; sheets; stamped parts/die-cut; printing

Individually printable

Rolls or die-cuts can be produced individually or printed accurately. Precise fitting onto, for example, metal carriers or customer products is also possible. 

Large foil is printed with a foil printer black yellow striped