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Worldwide technology leader
for reflection optics

As a specialist in reflection structures (6.0 - 0.05 mm),
we lead sensor systems and measurement technology throughout the world to new and efficient possibilities.

Laser reflectors

Lasercube®; reflectors; UV microcube reflectors; microcube reflectors

Road reflectors

For the best visibility and safety on the roads

Harsh environments

Stainless steel reflectors (IP67)
e.g. for the food, pharmaceutical and drinks industries


Solidchem reflectors
chemical area, pharmaceutical industry, TÜV and ECOLAB tested

Lasercube® reflectors

For laser sensors

With the development of the IMOS Lasercube® reflectors, we have brought laser technology to a completely new level. Even with the finest laser beams, the reflectors provide a signal free of interference. They are able to evaluate a polarisation-rotated signal in every orientation.


Glass reflectors


Vacuum reflectors;
round models possible

Air humidity

Anti-fogging reflectors; Triheater; heatable boards


Reflectors with attachment; modular reflectors


Micro-Fullcube retroreflective optics
on curved surfaces

With Micro-Fullcube retroreflective optics on curved surfaces, we not only open up a new market for our customers, we increase the safety for people on the roads with it as well.  With the idea of increasing visibility above all on curved lane barriers on motorways, a completely new approach arose.

The result: Micro-optics that immensely increase the light intensity due to their fineness and curvature and as a result make the road easier to see and safer.

These reflectors are mounted on transportable protective elements on the road.

Triple perfection

As the worldwide technology leader in reflective optics and structures, we only supply the finest and most precise reflectors.

Structures and sizes
– triples from 6.0 - 0.05 mm

Finest triples

Cubic structure

Pyramid structure

Nail structure


Do you need 
individual optics?

We develop the right reflective optics for your application. 
Depending on the application area, the optics have to precisely deflect the beams of your sensors.