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Quality optics 
made of synthetic material

LED lenses • spherical and aspherical lenses • double lenses • Fresnel optics
optical windows • microlens arrays • sensor lenses • radar lenses • individual optics

LED lens on blue background

LED lenses

Technical lighting
as planoconvex lens; lens array;  free-form also with holder

Motion detector optics with Fresnel structure on blue background

IR optics

3D room monitoring
movement and heat detection with large sensing range

Four radar lenses with different sizes

Radar lenses

Distance detection
e.g. Filling measurement; LiDAR; autonomous driving

Round standard Fresnel optics on blue background

Fresnel optics

as standard; double lens; 3D room monitoring; movement detection

Four radar lenses with different sizes

Radar lenses

With radar lenses, distances can be determined and transmitted even more effectively and more precisely!

3D drawing shows how a DOE projects a grid


Laser industry
as scanner optics; ancillary optics; microchip or individual

Small plastic filter plates in different colors and shapes

Lenses & filters

Including optical windows; antireflex lenses; spherical and aspherical lenses

Small double lens next to miniaturized housing with double lens

Optical assemblies

Camera/laser technology
optics with holders; as microassembly; as miniaturisation

Microlens arrays in two different lens sizes

Microlens arrays

Ancillary lenses for LED
with cubic , hexagonal or concentric arrangement

Lens array

These narrow optics are the best choice for safety and light barriers, for example. 

Round lens of sythetical material on light blue background

Hybrid achromatic lenses

The 2-in-1 lens

combines the wavelength of the visible range of a converging lens and a diffractive lens in one focal point

LED reflectors with concave lens surfaces on the inside

LED reflectors

Paraboloid optics
as light receiver or for precise transmission

Various black printed optics made of sythetical material


We print lenses and filters according to your requests and specifications

Three square glasses on light blue background

Individual optics

We produce your optics made of synthetic material suitable for your application!

Individual optics

We design, develop and produce the suitable optical components for your application!